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This story is based on characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon series. Characters which are under ownership of Hasbro and Lauren Faust. I claim no ownership of the original characters, nor is this a licensed work of either. This is a work of fan faction.

Story is created by Jimaza Dememder (c) 2011
My Little Pony is a property of Hasbro, originally created by Bonnie Zacherle (c) 1981
Friendship is Magic is created by Lauren Faust (c) 2010

Dedicated to the light of the Night, Princess Luna.


The Night was strong, the Moon bathed the land in it's radiance. Stars cloaked the sky, their own glow, faded by the intensity of the lunar body. The land was quiet, as most were at rest, but not all souls slumbered in the night, a fact made true by the Princess so only recently returned to the land.

Once, the very emblem of her court, was her prison. In a time when she was in another mind, one that ruled her body and twisted it into an evil image of herself. An alter ego, that would last a thousand years.

As the cold night wind blew across the open fields, causing the grass to be pulled with it's breath. The trees stayed fast, but were not completely immune. They groaned in protest, as the winds pushed over their forms. It was a midnight song, as the trees creaked, and the winds howled. As with most nights, the sounds went unnoticed, save for the few creatures nocturnal, and light sleepers. Tonight, one was listened to it's rhythm. For a short time, she allowed her mind to wonder.

She stood beyond the nearby Town of Ponyville, current home to her sister's student, and much attention in recent events. A legend near forgotten, had come true none the less, and a nightmare had returned. Bested by the six elements of Harmony, reborn, and all migrated toward this little place. Fate, dumb luck, who knew the reason? It may very well have been Princess Celestia, of the Day. She had a wisdom, that few could begin to grasp, and she could have easily set into place these six souls, to find their home here, so near the land once home to the sisters of Balance, the Sun and Moon, the Rulers of Equestria. It was in this land lost to magick's touch, and now a source of fear for most. Here, was the former capitol of the Royal Sisters, here was once a land so beloved by all.

A thousand years past, and the land was it's own. A land of strange creatures not seen often, or at all outside it's borders. Here, is where Princess Luna, of the Night, returns to find memories long lost. To see her home again, with her own eyes, and not those of her demon self, or in the echoes of her memories.

My Little Pony:
Friendship is Magic - The Return to Memories Past

Everfree, once a name held in high regard. A name that ponies said in fondness, and when thought of, gave hopes and dreams to all ponykind. For the two glorious Royal Sisters ruled from it, blessing all their subjects, with their love and grace. Now, all that is a dream to the past. Reality now holds this land as one of terror, and rumor. Few dare trot these cursed lands, for they do not wish to be risk their fates to a world that has it's own will.

Princess Luna, was not one to shrink in spite of these facts. She loved these lands once, and grew up in them. She held no fear here, for after spending a millennium trapped in a form of pure evil, she feared little any more, but the rejection of her sister, and ponies she tries to serve. Such things, were not at risk here, so fear could not grip her.

Just outside the entrance, she stood, her coat shining in the brightness of the Moon she had brought forth. Her colour was the deep blue of a midnight sky, it held much of her body, her wings, and horn. Her flank was much darker, a blackness like clouds that rolled in the night sky. It skirted the edges of her hips ending rounded, with dots just beyond. In the center of this curtain over her rear, on each hip, was the mark of her calling, a Crescent Moon of white. Her mane and tail matched in colour, a lighter blue, almost crystal, as it glistened in light. Her mane curved from her head, and flowed down into several points that curled up. It caressed her face and featured, but did not hinder her view or that of her beauty. Her tail, flowed from her, as a crystal blue river. Long and fluent. Her eyes were an icy blue, but held much life and care. She used them to see all before her, with great hope and love.

As true with most ponies, she was bare, save simple adornments. Being a Princess of this land, she was more elaborate than most. Each hoof wore a glass shoe, a light blue like her mane, but tinted more, by the hooves under the surface. Each was a design like the top half of a star, three rounded points, not goings far from the base that hardly made it past the first joint going up, in the pony lower leg. She too wore a simple chest piece, ebony like the dead of night, with the only light, a crescent moon in the center. The last bit of royal flair, was her crown, three points, one long, with one shorter on each side. It was a dark as her chest piece.

She could easily fly, she knew just where the lost Castle lay, but she wished to claim all the visions, and trotted slowly through.

The winds of Equestria, did not seem as brave, for inside the borders, it was a whole other kind of weather. Quiet, and warmer. The distant trees, creaked, from their age. Luna could recall some of these trees, so far from the Castle, being much shorter and younger, now they felt the weight of their own age and size. It gave her thoughts of how her sister and herself, were nearly ageless. It made her wonder, if she would ever feel the ages like these fauna. Like her sister, she was as old if not older than some of these trees. A creature that seemed immortal to most, were almost equals to these great ponies.

Moving ever deeper, she could see and feel the creatures around her. Some danced just beyond her sight, others hid, but with her aura feeling out any potential dangers, she could tell they were there. Most were simple animals, no more harmful, than those in Equestria. Some, she could tell, where those that struck fear into hearts. Not so much the monsters that most thought of them, but still dangerous, and had she been a simple pony, they would have made their move.

-Many years ago-

A young pony with both wings and a horn, galloped along in the bright sun. Her darker blues, of her body and lighter of mane, seem to glow slightly. She wore a little black crown, that too, shined a deep blue in the light. She laughed, as she made her way through the trees.

"Luna?" A voice called out, it was not filled with concern, but playfulness. "I will find you, silly. I can feel your magick"

"No cheating!" She cried out, taking a stance looking very upset by the news. She quickly realized her folly, and then covered her mouth in her hooves. Worried she was found, the little filly ducked into the trees.

She could hear laughter, as her sister was getting closer.

So the younger princess darted farther and farther, into the thicker areas of the forest. Here she would blend more in with the magick the bathed this land. Forcing herself to keep her beautiful blues eyes ahead, so lost was she in the joy of the game she was playing.

Luna came to the opening of the thick batch of trees, and realized what she had done. She climbed the hill, and now stood over a deep incline. The canopy was open now, and the sun came through, so she saw all before her. It was beautiful here, the trees so full of life, and more coming. The distance, she saw a river snake through the valley, it looked so inviting, she wanted to go to it. Maybe swim a bit, she felt no danger here in her homeland. No pony did from this land that was made just for them.

That safety would not last. She was too near the edge, and slipped over. With a quick turn, she gripped, the best she could with hooves to the lip of the cliff. She strained to lift herself up, but could not do much more than hold on and her strength was failing to do that much.

Recalling something her sister had said once. "I will love you always, and so long as you have my love, I will watch over you. Should you ever feel scared, or alone. remember that fact. As the Moon glows from the embrace of the Sun, you shale be so by me. Night or Day" Seeing the sun above, she felt like her sister was right there. It's warm embrace, was like the caresses and nuzzles the sisters shared. It's light giving her hope, filling her with her own light.

She closed her eyes, and focused on her sister. She let go of the edge, knowing it was an eventual outcome, but she would keep control. Despite the uselessness of doing so, she spread her tiny, yet strong enough, wings. They would slow her down some, on their own. She would fall for a short time, but she never let go of her sister's words. Her mind so focused on the words, and love the sisters shared, she did not even feel the rush of air as gravity held her, pulling down on the tiny form.

Something took hold of her, her wings burned, not in pain, but warmth that always seem to radiate from her sister's smile. She opened her eyes, and expected to see the older pony, but it was only light embracing her. The sun seem to shine brighter, as she was bathed in the light, and slowly brought to the ground. When she was safely there, the light faded from her, and she stood there, thinking about how crazy it was to trust her words at a moment like that, but the look of pure honesty in her sister's eyes, she knew she would not lie to her. It was not crazy at all, but honesty of their bond.


Princess Luna, looking more like an explorer now, as she slid down the side of the cliff. She hopped down on a couple little ledges, till she neared the ground. Once below, she took in the sights around her. The Moon still shined brightly over all she saw. It was nearly like having the sun at night. She had put a lot into it tonight, she wanted to see all she could. During the day, she needed her rest, so she had little choice in time to have this trip.

The river was a bit of a ways off, it had seemed closer when she was above. So she started on the path again. It was still a quiet night, and nothing was around. Either they avoided her, or was just a still night. This land, once so familiar, now was a mystery.

-In the past-

The young Luna looked around, as she went deeper into the forest. She found it odd that she found herself so lost. The Castle should have been much closer, and her Sister was no where to be seen or heard.

So long as the warmth of the sun was on her, she felt safe. Her sister was watching her, and so she felt this was an adventure, not a danger. The fire of excitement, burned in the little filly. After a few moments, she was heading back into some more thick gatherings of trees. Something was moving around in the trees, but Luna did not hear it at first. She was too caught up in the moment, and noticing the change in the atmosphere. The area was getting darker, as the canopy grew closer and thicker. It made the young pony princess a bit nervous, as she kept looking up to the sky, hoping to see the sun. Soon though, she could not make it out, and with her eyes fixed on the tree line, she did not see the creature ahead of her.

"Ow" She cried out, when she hit into the figure "Oh... I am sorry" She looked up to it, trying not to show the unease she felt by it's appearance.

It looked down at her, she wasn't sure what it was, but looked rather fearsome. A lion face, a build like a bull, and strong bat wings, and a tail like a scorpion. In all, a beast built for power. She would learn much later, that this was a Manticore.

"Um..." Luna looked around, as the creature just glared at her. "Are you ok... sir?" She was not sure if it was one or the other, but given the mane, she assumed male. She did not dare glance under it, in fear the beast would have been offended by the innocent peak.

After a few moments, the creature walked off. Luna watched him go, then looked toward the path she was on, then back at the beast getting farther a way. She wanted to go on, but something was not right, so she galloped after him. He had an air about him, that seemed longing, or sad.

"Hey, you alright... uh sir?" She trotted beside him. "I may not be much now, but I am a princess. It is my duty to help those in Equestria. What my sister always says" She smiled nervously, hoping she could break the barrier between them.

They were getting deeper into the woods, no sun was coming through now, but Luna would not give up. She was far off her path now, doing so now, would prove the whole thing a waste of time. When it was clear he would not speak back, she just followed quietly.

After a while, that air seem to shift, feeling more like contentment. She did not fully understand why he was seeming to take on a lighter mood, but she was slightly distracted by the area she was in. It was getting very dark, and Luna could hardly see the creature. She looked around, seeing only darkness, she started to get afraid. She was alone, and no sun to watch over her. Luna was not typically afraid of the dark, but with not even her own moon to light her way, and in a strange area of Everfree, she didn't know what would happen.

Bits of light started to come through, but they only made things worse, casting shadows, and making shapes appear. Soon the young Princess was surrounded by monstrous shapes. Trees that looked to want to eat her. "Oh no..." She whimpered, and started to panic. She moved around, looking for anything familiar, but nothing was. She called out to her sister, but she didn't answer. She looked up, at the faces in the threes. Wicked faces, and looking dangerous. The whole forest seem to turn on her.

She tried to calm herself, by telling herself that she was the night, and how shadows played tricks on minds stressed. After her little pep talk, she was more at ease. So Luna pressed on, trying to find her way, but she was disoriented. The faces where ever watching, but she tried to pay no mind, they were only illusion. She laughed at herself, for being so foalish to worry about them at all. She thought it was silly of her to be afraid of the shapes in the dark, but she was still lost. That was a real threat, and needed attention. She wondered how she became so lost, and remembered the beast she was following. She only wanted to help him, but ended up getting worse off. She was nearly getting mad, at the silent creature, and putting blame on him.

In the quiet of the forest she heard a sound, and started to follow it. It was hardly as threatening as the trees, and it seemed to call to her. So given her choices, following this call, was an easy decision.

After a short time, the light seem to increase, and the sun started to warm her again. She looked out, and saw the river not far off. She knew she was nearer to her goal.

She galloped out of the forest, and skidded to a stop, looking back. "Wait, how... what made that noise?" She wondered. She darted her head around, scanning the area. Her search took a moment, but in the shadows she saw the shape of something. After much studying, just as the figure started to disappear, she realized, it was that creature she followed.

Seemed he gave her some kindness, as she tried to give him. Maybe he just wanted some company,  not to lure her to her doom. He received company, and for her troubles, Luna found herself just where she sought. She started to laugh at it all, feeling all her worries go a way as she did, moving closer to the river, and feeling the warmth of the Sun return with no faces to ruin it.


Princess Luna, in that same darkness from so long ago, placed a hoof to the trunk of a tree. She felt the shapes, the trees had grown, but some of those evil faces still lingered. Musing at the idea, that once monstrous trees so young then, must look like old, and haggard creatures now.

Out of the forest again, she trotted toward the snaking river, it's name, she felt sorry that she could not recall. It was a place she use to frequent many times in her younger age. After a bit of a trek, she reached the edge, and looked into the waters, seeing her reflection. "Oh my, I've become such a mess" She laughed, seeing the smudging of dirt all over, and bit of this and that she had gathered since her journey into this forest. She started taking off her hoof wear, bits of armor, and resting her crown on it all.

The Princess stepped into the waters, feeling the same warmth, that was in the air. It slowly seeped into her body, filling her with such ease, and comfort. Once she was fully in, she positioned herself, and rested her back to the embankment, allowing herself to soak in the waters for a time.

Moments past, and she felt a shift in the waters. The royal pony, had her eyes closed, but now opened them slowly, studying the area for potential risk. Her movements were easy, and calm. If there was risk, she did not wish to make it apparent. What ever that she felt, she only wanted to seem curious.

The movement slowed, all that was left, were little rippling waves. They moved toward, and past her. Some, displaced by her body, rippled back out. She was about to get out, when something shot out of the waters. It loomed over her, shadow casting from it by the Moon's light, it nearly eclipsed her.

She took some time, judging the situation. Still making off she was not afraid of what was before her. Only trying to make out what it was that now towered out of the water. "I know you?" She asked, when something came to mind. She squinted to look.

"Me?" He spoke, moving so he was no longer a shadow. A purple serpent, with a long mustache, though one was a violet colour, the other golden. "I don't believe so, but maybe you knew my father. I get mistaken for him often" He laughed, in a flamboyant way.

"Yes, I do know him. So he did have a son!" She smiled wide, old memories of a friend, rushing to her mind. "Did always want one, as he mentioned many times"

He looked at her, and studied her. Then it struck him. "Oh my goodness, you are that pony princess!"

"One of" She laughed, giving him a warm smile.

"This is so wonderful, he spoke of you often. How he missed you, and all the times you spent together" He moved closer, nearly coiling around her, as he rested his exposed half on the ground around where she was propped up.

"Is he still around? I don't know how long Serpents can live, would love to see him again" She was a bit excited, she did not have many friends long ago, part of the reason she feel into her sorrow, but she did not think she would ever seen those before the banishment again. The idea thrilled her.

He took on a look of forlorn, and then looked away. It seemed Luna's hopes were lost, as the son spoke. "Sadly, no. Been a few years now" The weight hit her, and she looked down, feeling a pain in her chest. She lost so much because of Nightmare Moon, but to have so much hope, to be claimed, even after the demon was gone, her corruption still lingered and haunted the mare.

She would not allow it to ruin her chances for new friendships, especially from one she had before, owns offspring. Luna placed a hoof on him, hoping to strike a new friendship, and show him some of what the passed serpent, had cherished for from the pony. "I am so sorry" She started, "I could say so much about him, and our friendship"

He looked at her, and smiled through sorrow filled eyes. "Please tell me?"

-In the past-

Young Princess Luna stood at the waters edge, looking to the other side. "Hmm" She thought to herself.

"Luna?" She heard a voice call out, this time the sound was known to her. "Sister, where are you?" It was filled now, with worry and concern. No longer the joyfulness before, when it was only a game.

She made a step toward the voice, but stopped, something caught her eye. With a glance, she saw something laying out on the beach. With out hesitation, she galloped over to the figure. As she neared it, made out the shape of a large serpent, a dragon-like creature, with a long mane of Orange, that went all the way down his deep red body. Least what she could make out, from that which was out of the water.

When Luna was close enough, she slowed, and looked at him. "Are you ok sir?" She was fairly sure this time, it was a male. Not many species had mustaches on both genders, less so, a long flowing beard.

He did not move, so she nudged him, and act that was fairly pitiful, given the size difference. "Sir, what is wrong?" It was becoming clear to her that, a few creatures were having issues on this day.

"Oh leave me little pony..." He finally said, a voice weighted by unspoken troubles. He still made no moves, beyond breathing.

"What is wrong? I can help you" Her own tone was flooded with concern, it was in her nature to feel sympathy, and care. Was her position to be just so, and she would not abandon a lonely Manticore, nor a sorrowful serpent.

He finally took action, and rolled enough for his eyes to looked at her. With a heavy sighed, defeated by the persistent little Princess.  "I doubt that... You could not possibly help me"

She took a seat, not about to leave. She could still hear her sister calling, but Celestia had to wait for now. As much as she wanted to go home, and see her sister again, he needed her more. "Can at least tell me, maybe I can?" She tried to give him a smile that would reassure him, hoping it was enough to show that she cared. Some times, she found not long ago, the simplest acts, could do wonders.

He lifted up, looking like a giant as he loomed above her. "Very well, could not be worse than just laying here" He cleared his throat, and started on his troubles. A story about a love he has, but she was very upset. The details to her own troubles, he did not go into. He wanted to cheer her up, but the one thing in all the land she loved besides him, was a rare flower. It grew out on one of the high mountains in Everfree. It was impossible for him to go, for he could not be out of the water for so long of a trip as that would be.

"I'll go!" She called out, jumping to her hooves, and looking excited to do it. She wore also, the expression of determination.

"It's far too dangerous for a little filly, and it is nearing twilight. Should just go home, and worry not for poor old me" He twisted his upper half, throwing his head a way from her sight. He was looking dramatic, but it was not a show. His troubles were deep felt, and his doubt in finding their end, embraced him too tight.

She thought about it now, lifting her head straight up, looking to the sky. The Sun was nearing it's dusk, and she was suppose to be home to bring forth the moon. Her sister could do the deed, but it was her job, and not fair to put it off on her. Though this was not some game of hide and seek, or just avoiding her duties. She was out to help another soul in need, something very serious, and she felt was just cause to shirk her duties this one time.

The young Princess stomped her hoof, calling attention back to herself. "No, it is my duty as Princess, to aid those in need! And it is my duty, to be a friend in need to any who need me!"

He slowly moved himself to studied her, and found such strength in her words and in her eyes. She was so young, at least as he could tell, but her heart was strong. A heart that seemed to be tempered by proper lessons of what it meant to be a true friend. She a aglow with the spirit of friendship, it seem to ease him some, bringing a light smile to his lips.

-In the Present-

Princess Luna had parted with the serpent, and made her way up the towering mountain. She could recall how hard it was for her as a filly, the grass then was so thick, and terrain seemed much more dangerous. Though she had use of her wings now, she did not call upon them. She still wished to travel as she did so long ago, to relive her adventures.

After a short time, she was at the top. Looking out at the vastness of Equestria. She saw Everfree, the quiet little town of Ponyville, the fields where the diamond dogs hunted for their obsession, and so much. It was breath taking, now, as it was then. With the moon high and strong in the sky, and the stars aiding in the illumination, Equestria, her home, her rule, was bathed in her light.

She swelled with pride, at the sight of the land, much as she did then, nearly forgetting just why had she came. The first time, since she entered the forest, she felt a chilled breeze. At this height, not even Everfree could prevent the coldness of the land beyond, from touching here. It snapped the Princess back to her reality, as the bitterness that it once was too her, was almost soothing now.

-In the Past-

It was humbling, seeing the vast rule of the Royal sister's. The Sun was so bright still, as it neared the horizon, the coldness of the nearing night, was so gripping up here. It did not keep her from a lingering gaze, as she could see the whole land. What a sight to the little filly, she was trying to name all the parts she saw. Luna made notice of the little gathering of homes, by a small farm land. It was the Earth pony's town of Ponyville, formed not very long ago. Looking well on it's way to becoming a fine little town.

After admiring the budding lands, she recalled why she had come, and started to look around for the flowers. She would not fail her new friend, not allowing the beauty of what she had a hoof in guarding, to distract her any longer.

A beautiful flower, so perfectly named, "Iris of Passion" It's colours seem to shift, depending on who held them. Given, they would turn into an array of colours, that filled the heart with such joy. They were truly born from the magick of love, and fed off it.

She came upon a small batch of them, and smiled wide as she neared them. She started to scrape the ground around them, and dug them carefully out of the whole. It was tricky, but she managed to get a few out, and placed them near one another, so she could grabbed them in her mouth. She could have easily used her magick on this task, but was too afraid. She was good, but at times, she lost focus, or control, and she did not wish to level the area.

"Sister?" A voice called, as she was nearly about to take hold of the plants. She turned to see her older sister Princess Celestia decent from above. Her radiance was not just of the sun, but her own very being. Her own, was well aided by the colours of fading light on the horizon.

Her appearance did not change much over the ages, but she did get taller, and eyes would fill with the wisdom she would earn. Her coat was purest of white, but also seem to tease with a shade of pink. Her mane now, was not so filled with her magick, as it hung from the side of her head and neck, in the pink much stronger than her body's illusion. Her eyes were a deep violet. Like Luna, she wore the royal dressings, but of Gold, and much more elaborate.

Celestia landed, and gracefully folded her wings, looking down to the filly, covered in dirt, and mud. "What have you been doing?" She looked concerned, but tried not to show it too much. If not for the time apart, and nearing deadline of the ritual of Day and Night, she would have allowed a laugh.

"I was... a bit lost" Luna answered, looking a bit nervous, circling her fore hoof on the ground.

"I should so say, look at you" she laughed softly, now that the concern had past, she loosened herself to enjoy the sight of her little sister all dirty. She looked no worse for wear, and seemed to have some fun, but it was time for it to end. "Now come to me, we can go home, and get you cleaned up. The Sun is nearly down, and the Moon must come"

"I can... not," She started, looking down to the flowers before finishing.  "Not just yet"

This struck the older sister by surprise. "Why not? Surely not for those flowers? The royal garden has many, of so much finer glory" She looked past the little filly, and took in the sight of the plants. They were beautiful, a rare flower that took root in few places in the land. For them to thrive, they needed much love. She found it odd, they grew so high.

"These are very important, I must get them to the serpent, or else his mate will never be happy!" Luna shoot a look of heavy concern at her sister, and it grew stronger with determination.

Celestia was shocked by her reaction, and took a casual looked to the sky, then back to her sister. "There is not time for this, as much as I love you are helping out others, but all of Equestria needs you now"

The younger filly made her stance. "I cannot! I promised! I could not break a promise to a friend, you would never ever" Some times, it was easy to forget she was so young, and still growing. Mortality seemed foreign to the two Princesses, but neither were quite grown into their mature bodies.

"If the promise was just gathering flowers, against keeping balance, I think my friend would understand, I believe yours would too" Celestia did not see her mission for the importance that Luna knew it had, she just saw her baby sister playing.

"No sister, I cannot abandon him! When I nearly fell off a cliff, I recalled you telling me how you would always watch over me. I believed in your honesty, and was saved. I found a strange creature that looked very down, and so I followed him so I could help him, but he said nothing. Did not even seem to notice me, but he did, and took to heart my actions. When I was lost in the woods, he helped me get out. My Kindness to him, was repaid"

Celestia watched her sister grow before her, the words she spoke, were deep lessons of what it meant to be in balance and in harmony.  She was seeing, that despite the facts, her age, and what seemed like a gardener's chore, her sister was not being the filly she seemed, but the Princess that Celestia hoped she would become. "I cannot take back my word that I have given, and I will not abandon a friend in need. I cannot be a lair! He trusted me..." Luna finished, looking almost worn out by the speech, and being so worked up over her duties.

Her sister smiled, amused by how she was so willing to give everything she had, just for what she believed in. "Oh my dear, sweet, Princess Luna, seems this day, you have grown so much. Seems the Elements of Harmony have guided you this far. I guess it would be wrong for me to deny you the full set, the joy of doing something for another, and the laughter you will feel in your heart, when they see they can count on you. With your honesty, kindness, giving, and loyalty, you prove to be very mature, and wise" She made a motion with her head, turning to her side. "I shale take you to this serpent, so you can finish your journey"

Luna shook her head. "I must finish this on my own," She gave her a bow of respect. "But thank you sister. You must make haste to the Castle, and do what I cannot do this night"

She looked to the sky, and saw the fading lights. Their duties, were to fill each of their charges with magick, and guide them through the sky. The latter, was not so active of a role, as the former. Every 24 hours, the Sun and Moon needed their recharge, and this was in sync with their rising in Equestria.

Celestia looked now to her sister, who was looking to the sky as well. "Go," She said began, looking a way for a moment. "Having friends is important sister, it's the magick of all life. Not for what they do for each other, or the times they spend together, but for the enrichment they share. A love that fills the heart, and makes even the Earth ponies, soar high as any Pegasus could" She turned back, looking at Luna with such pride. "Go sister, and help him. I will be a friend for you this day, and take on your duties of the Moon. Friends shoulder each others burdens, without judgment, or regret. Only love, pride, and joy in the knowledge, they have somepony they feel so wonderful in doing such tasks for. Knowing too, that the feelings are mutual, and would be returned in a heart beat"

Luna nodded, galloping up to her, to give her a hug, with one in return. Then, she went back to her gathered flowers, grabbed them, and galloped off. The Princess of the Day watched as she went, never loosing her smile, and feeling of joy and pride at her sister. "This day, the Moon out shines the Sun"

-In the present-

Princess Luna trotted slowly along the old path she knew so well, she passed the place the serpent was, and left him a flower. He was puzzled by it, but memories came back to him, as he recalled how his mother loved them.

After a brief stay and fair well, she was off again, heading through the land. She came to a foggy area, where a bridge hung over a chasm. She looked down, and then across the way. It seemed this bridge had seen better days, but looked strong enough for her to cross. She actually could recall a time when it was first built to span the break in land to the destination, that once all ponies wished to travel.

Safely on the other side, taking care not to move too harshly on the old planks. She made a slow movement toward the looming shadows, something large was ahead, and she knew just what it was.

The fog seem to fade, as she neared and the shape became more distinguished. A Beautiful Castle, made one with the land, not making the land it's own. It was beautifully coloured, and adorned, with busts and figures of ponies. With shining gems and depictions of Sun and Moon. It was the home of the Royal Pony Sisters, the glorious castle in Everfree. So inviting, and grand, nestled above the sea below. No matter the time or weather, it was warm and bright.

It was a memory.

With real eyes, Luna looked upon the ruins. The warmth all over Everfree, was gone, left with coldness that bit the bone. The stones faded, and dirty from ages of being abandoned, and parts reclaimed by nature. Several areas were crumbled, the roof was long gone, and the walls barely holding. The Spires, towers, and battlements, were looking to be ready to fall over. The statues were chipped, broken, or gone completely. The deepness of the night, did not aid in the scenery. Looking almost too grim to bare, for one who knew it so well in a time so long ago, when it was a gemstone in Equestria.

Princess Luna, with a heavy heart, put her hoof to a piece resting on the ground, a once glorious image of Celestia and herself, now mostly just dirt and smudged paint.

She trotted slowly inside, looking around. The insides were more decorated, but still as lost to time. Echoes of the walls memories, spoke to her. She heard the laughter that once painted the walls, the voices filling the halls, and the liveliness of the home that once was hers to share with the world.

With hesitation, she moved into a chamber, that once held the greatest treasure of Equestria. She was here a time not so long ago, but it was not her. She in challenge of one of the ponies who would save her, where the five orbs rested on an ancient shrine. They had be moved, and shattered, the latter being her own action. Now the statue was bare of it's charge, and looked as pitiable as the rest of this one glorious home. Naked, of it's meaning, and robbed of it's purpose.

She galloped past herself, Luna watching a ghost moving to stand by her sister, from a time so long ago. "Sister, sister" The little Luna said, nearly bouncing in place. "I did it, and he was so happy. I going to go visit him tomorrow, and see if his mate was happy too"

The little filly looked so full of life, even though that form of herself, had been long lost. She felt such pride in herself, and joy, was now dead. Murdered by her own foalishness.

"Sounds like you made a true friend this day" A younger Celestia said. Till now, she never noticed that she had aged some in the years. Not by much, but seeing her then, and over a thousand years after, she could tell. She was taller, and held even deeper wisdom in her eyes now.

They both looked at the figure between them, a statue that held the Elements of Harmony. It radiated light, nourished by the deeds of the young Princess, and all who acted in the spirit of Harmony.

"The Elements were with you this day, and you used them perfectly dear Princess Luna" Celestia seemed to glow brighter, speaking of her sister's deeds. The pride she felt in her, was so much greater than the magick they both bathed in.

Younger Luna smiled, and laughed. She looked a but embraced by the praise, folding her ears back a bit. "I had you watching over me the whole time" She attempted to turn the attention off her somewhat, being too much to bare

"But it was your heart, that large, pure heart, that lead you" Her sister was not so willing to take on any of the honours, she knew it was a small role she had, if at all.

Older Luna moved to the spot, where the statue still lay, it was not so complete as in her visions. She stood between her self, and her sister in the that time. Her eyes heavy and lost in the era. She almost wished she could open time, and trot back into her old life. All she had done as Nightmare Moon, weighed so heavily on her.

Her memories played on, while a part of her beat her self in pity. "Now, do not think you can get out of your nightly duties so easily next time" Celestia jokingly scolded her little sister. "I do not believe, I can make the moon looks so lovely as you do"

Luna looked up, at the same time as she did in the past. Together they spoke. Where her younger self, was filled with joy and hope. Her current self, was filled with hurt and shame. "You did great sister, but I don't think I want to give it up. I love the night, and the moon, and all the things that come from the night time... I wish more shared in my nights though"

"Do not worry my dear sister, in time, the ponies will love your nights. They appreciate it now, do not forget that. The Night provides them the needed time to rest from such busy lives. You are just as important as the day"

The past and present Luna spoke as one still, lowering their gaze together. Their tones were more in sync, but older Luna's held knowledge "I do not feel as important as the day... if the moon did not shine one night, no pony would be upset. If the Sun never came, they would all take notice. Be the only way any would pay attention to the night, when it was unending..."

"There are many things in this life, we all neglect to give proper respects too, from time to time. It does not mean they hold no importance, my sister. From the tiniest life, to the brightest lights. All things matter, and are loved, in one form or another. Even if the love is not shown out right" At this point, the scene was gone, Luna was alone, and only heard the echoes of the past. No mirages putting on a play, only a lone figure, caught in the past.

The present Luna gave a sigh, as her younger self hugged to her sister, as she recalled it playing out, but had not a vision of it. "Such words soothed me then... but didn't not stop me from turning into a monster, nor do they heal much now"

"There are many who love you Princess Luna, they just have not made them selves all known yet" It took a moment to realize it wasn't a memory. She looked up, seeing her sister standing in the entrance way. The older, and matured form of her memories. A mane of four shades, light blue, green, purple, and pink, blowing in a wind that was not there, as it was now imbued with magick. White body, pure as the light her calling washed in the land in the day hours. Eyes holding deep wisdom, and shade of deep violet. She wore much as she did then, only more elegant, golden armor, chest piece, and protectors on each of her hooves. Unlike Luna, her's did not have the sun, but a purple gem one both the chest, and her tall crown.

"Sister!" She called out in surprise, turning to look at her fully, and feeling a bit afraid. The other meant no harm to her, and she knew it, but given the events that she re-lived, she felt so much shame in what she ended up doing some years after that adventure.

She nodded, and moved to her. "My poor sister, still haunted by those nightmares. You know, I recalled this night, so long ago. Well," She was before her now, looking nothing like she felt any shame, or disappointment. Only the love she always offered her partner in Equestria's rule. "Not all that you had under gone, but what you told me, and the pride I was filled with, seeing you act so nobly. That adventure you had, really shaped you, and it still clings to you"

Luna gave a nod, resting her head onto her sister. "Was the first time I was on my own" She closed her eyes, finding some comfort in the other mare. She listen for a moment, to the beating of the deeply powerful, and loving heart.

"You did much that day, maybe you did not shine as the Moon, but you did as a pony. You focus so much on the Night as being all that you are, but there is much more to you. You are filled with love, and need to share it. The night, just as the day, is what we give to Equestria, for it is who we are. What we do else wise, is up to us, and is who we wish to be. I rule this land, and try to give care to all. I also try to make time to enjoy my own things, you should too"

"But what can I do in the night? It is the only time I can do anything!" She looked up at her, with such confusion, pain, and hurt. Lingering feelings of the moments before she fell, the same ones that drew her into the shadows of sorrow.

"A thousand years have past, ponies have changed. Long ago, most the types of ponies, stayed to themselves. Now, Pegasus, Unicorns, Earth, and Sea ponies, are intermingling. Day and night, it is no longer such a traditional time as when we were so young. Give this new era a chance, I think you'll find it will welcome you"

Luna looked down, and smiled. "I guess, I should try" She was so caught up in the pity she had for herself, the doubt and dread of what had happened. She was gone a thousand years, but now returned, she was still living in that past. She had not given herself the time to see what Equestria was now.

"It will be a new adventure" Celestia smiled to her, nuzzling to her mane.

She laughed, nuzzling back to her. She was allowing her heart to open again, and see things. "Been some time since I dreamed of adventures"

Celestia smiled, covering her with a wing, and heading her back out of the room. "Well, you did have one tonight. Re-lived, but was still an adventure I'm sure"

She gave a nod, she did seem so, but around her sister, Luna always seem to feel so much younger. That little filly, looking up to her wise and wonderful sister. "My old friend, his son is still alive, and I think I'll visit him, as I did his father"

"See? Even found a friend again, this land is still full of magick, one that is unique" They were nearly back out into the open, though given the state of the Castle, was not much different than being inside.

They slowly trotted out of the Castle, leaving behind memories and doubt, but taking with them some of the former, and  replacing the latter with new hopes. This Castle, is for the land now, but the memories it holds, are a treasure that maybe one day, more will share in.

Princess Luna gave one look back, seeing herself, and her Sister, and their beautiful home, as it was so long ago. The two ponies had a new home, and a future to fill it with new memories. One day, it may become as cherished as this place was... still is.

She returned to memories past, leaving with hopes of the future.

--Chapter End--
I did not make that picture. (wish I did) I sadly do not know who did, but I loved it, and it inspired this story. So thank you whom ever did the original art. And my friend :icongreen-fur-ball: for showing it to me. Also, :iconfyre-flye: and the whole team behind season 1 of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

I've been working on this for some time, and really try to push my self in writing it. Wanted to capture the feelings and events in it. I hope people will feel a bit moved by how I see Princess Luna feeling after all this time.
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