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This story is based on characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon series, characters which are under ownership of Hasbro and Lauren Faust. I claim no ownership of the original characters, nor is this a licensed work of either. This is a work of fan faction.

This is a furry(anthro) style story, so all characters are to be considered as such. It is set in its own universe, apart from the one the show is. It is a different spin on the series, set in a deep history devolved from inspiration from the original series. As such, some events are inspired by the original story. Some lines have been used or modified for the purpose of humor, or connectivity to those events.

Story is created by Jimaza Dememder (c) 2011
My Little Pony is a property of Hasbro, originally created by Bonnie Zacherle (c) 1981
Friendship is Magic is created by Lauren Faust (c) 2010


Pinkie Pie had a love to spread happiness; any in the town knew that. So when she had asked about every one's birthday, most were willing to give it up. Between knowing nearly every being in Ponyville, and just have the right connections, she had gathered a complete list. She always posted messages around school of birthdays coming up.

As it went on through the year, some friends would make small gatherings, usually through Pinkie's little party planning project. Twilight found it so amusing that she was getting the credits she needed in experience in her field, making some money, and still being Pinkie. Only she could master mind something like that.

She use to doubt the pony in being a successful business mare but all she had seen in her, especially after she and Gilda paired up, she was well on her way and it was only their first year.

Every day, Twilight and Rarity would pass the notice and give it a glance to see if any of their friends were on the list. Collage life was busy, so it was not so easy to keep up with such things. One week, a name was listed that neither would ever expect to see.

"Trixie?" They both said together, then looking at on another. "But who would even care?" Rarity went on. "She is such a brat, and does nothing but harass every pony" She waved it off. "Well it seems this is a type-o, for not even Pinkie Pie could want to throw a party for that troublemaker" She recalled all she had done, and the feelings about the magick pony was shared by many.

With a huff Rarity trotted off, but Twilight lingered. "Who would care?" She asked, not in the manor of the other unicorn had just moments before, but in more genuine interest.

She began to imagine about how she was, alone and reclusive. A choice Twilight herself had made before, but now she could not imagine herself alone any more. Even more, she found that friends had changed her whole life around. Thinking about Trixie, how she is, and always alone, not even a group of suck ups to nod and laugh at her insults at others. There were the two Snips and Snails, but they did not go to the school and they were more of fanatics then friends.

"Is she truly alone?" She thought, and went on wondering if friendship could change things. Gilda made a big turn around, but could Trixie? Given the past of the Gryphon, she was not really so bad, but Trixie was a mystery.

The Magick of Friendship Chapter 24: Spellbound, the Meek and Sorrowful

"What?!" Pinkie Pie asked staring at Twilight like she was a mutation of herself. "Trixie? I only put that one there cause I couldn't leave any one off the list on purpose, but I never imagined some pony would come asking me that"

Oddly enough, Pinkie, when in her "office" dressed up. She looked all the business mare she was working to become, even if that business was parties. Twilight found it hard to talk to her like this because she knew all too well, the bubbling crack pot of silliness that was underneath. She looked completely opposite, even sounded different. Her mane was even straighter than normal.

"I could do it, would be a great challenge, but I still find it hard to believe you. You of all the ponies, to want to do anything nice for... her"

"I know, I know, but I cannot help but wonder if she had friends, if some pony actually tried to show her kindness, that she would change for the better"

Pinkie paced a bit. "Or worse... what if she just goes and turns in on you. I don't want to be a part of that, if she does what she is best at..."

Twilight took a moment to answer, recalling the advents not so long ago when Trixie actually seemed civil and not the monster she acted like usually. "I think she would, at worse, just leave. I have seen a side of her that I do not think anyone has, and well, I think maybe she needs someone to give her a chance"

Pinkie sat down, and looked at her. "Well... what did you have in mind?"

"Something simple, because it may just blow up in my face" She laughed nervously.


Trixie was sitting in her dorm, looking at one of her magazines. Her roommate sat across from her, looking to be death itself. She was the only one Trixie spent any length of time with, but neither seemed to say much to the other. Trixie was Trixie, and her roommate, Blood Rose, was much like what any thought of as a Goth. She kept her distance from the other pony, and knew that is what she wanted. Rose really was not much of what ponies thought of as gothic, she liked the styles, the lifestyle, and the peace it gave her. Though Trixie would come in ranting now and then, she did not mind the other too much. They had an unofficial friendship.

Many times the Unicorn would complain about things not really talking to the grim Earth pony, but the other would make off hoof comments. They were talking without actually talking to one another.

She would never admit it, but Trixie would hate to lose her roommate. Between them, was a perfect balance that would neither would find in any others.

A knock came at their door, and the magick mare looked over at the other. She just lied there, and so with a sigh Trixie moved from her chair to answer the door.

"Yes? Why do you disturb the Great and Powerful Trixie?" She opened the door, but had her eyes closed and looking away, already condemning the soul on the other side before even seeing who she was.

"A message for you" The Dizty Doo said, not really caring that she was being brushed off. The grey Pegasus always seemed to be the one giving out letters. Always there to do so, and none did it better. She would pass a note in class, even if she was not involved in the creation or reading, even if she was not in the class. Least as many joked.

The Unicorn looked down, and took it. "Very well" She closed the door, the Pegasus was already moving on.

She looked it over, and read it to herself. Rose would not care, nor did she feel the need to include her in the contents. She did when she finished, huffing as a sign to pay attention.

"What?" The other asked, lacking any enthusiasm.

"Nothing" She crumpled, and tossed it aside.

It landed near enough to Rose, for her to pick it up. She un-balled, read the note. When finished, she looked over at the other who was back to reading her magazine. "Why not go, see what she wants?"

"It is nothing, only that foalish Pinkie Pie wanting to give me a balloon or something. How she ever got the birthday of Trixie, she cannot imagine. Trixie has much better things to do, then waste her time was a card or some such nonsense" She turned the page. "Much better things"

Rose sat up, and put down the missive. "I think you should at least go, I know you don't care but at least you did something on your birthday"

"Just another day, nothing special about it" Trixie turned another page. "Besides, my Tips and Trix came today. Hurray" She said with no energy.

"You know if you don't go, she'll find you" The fact was not a threat, but a reality.

Trixie put down the book, and looked ahead. "She did know where to send that Derpy pony" She shuttered. "Very well"

She stood, and threw on her long coat and trotted to the door. "The great and powerful Trixie, shale return, try not to die of anticipation"

"Death is but a new chapter"

With that, she was out.

She stormed the halls, looking to be on the warpath. Heading straight to a meeting, or whatever the pink mare had planned. She still did not care much what it was, only to have it over and done with.

Was not long from the meeting room where the occupants would gather for little things, or events. She was very near when Twilight showed up. "Oh, Trixie..." She said looking not fully pleased to see her.

"What are you doing here?" Trixie share the reaction, with gusto.

Twilight scoffed. "I was just picking up some things from the student store"

"A bit late for them, isn't it?" It was pretty late in the night, being a school night and all; the store very well should have been closed. The Unicorn was no foal.

"I know the stallion that was on shift today, he stuck around so I could get my things after I was out from my job"

"Whatever, I don't really care" She put her hoof to the door. "I must be off, so I can get this over with"

She pushed open the door, and it was dark inside. "That little pink menace, she isn't even here yet? Or is this a trick?"

Twilight stepped in, and looked around. "I cannot see Pinkie pulling a prank like that" She moved to the light. "Me, I might do something like this" She turned on the lights, and a few ponies there called out "Surprise"

Trixie looked shocked, looking at the gathered ponies. Not too many, some of Twilights closest friends and a few others, but the decor was obvious to her with the signs, balloons, and all. She still could not move at the sight of it all.

"Sorry it is kind of small" Twilight said. "We kind of figured you would either not show, or just leave, so did not want to go overboard for nothing"

"We took a poll! On what would happen" Pinkie said.

Trixie started to move, but not away or near, more of a tremble. "Are you ok?" Twilight asked, being closest to her. "Trixie?" She looked from her to the others, and then back.

"Why?" She finally said.

"I know, it is not really any pony you know, but I do not know your friends, but I figured you could use a party. Do not have to stay" Twilight did sound a bit disappointed in the chance she would go.

She looked right at Twilight, something going on in her mind but it did not look like her usual plotting, almost like pain. Twilight could start to see the tears in her eyes, and moved a bit closer. "Trixie?"

She backed away, and then dashed out. Leaving the other Unicorn to call after her, then try to follow.

The rest just stayed in their places, a bit confused. Applejack was first to say anything when she looked at Pinkie Pie. "How in tarnation did you know she'd run off crying?"

"I'm just that good" She snickered.

Out of the room, Twilight headed outside to look around. She found Trixie huddled at the foot of the stairs. She was a bit surprised she was so easy to find.

She slowly made her way down, and stopped just a step behind. "Trixie, what is wrong? You look almost like you did at the talent contest"

Trixie had no response, but Twilight could hear the sounds of her fighting her tears. So the other just came down, and sat by her. "I know, we have had quite the history, but I think the bitterness you have had toward me has gone somewhat. I hardly see you around, and when I do, you do not try to belittle me as much as you use too"

"How can you sit and think about how I treat you, and still want to care about how I feel?" She spoke softly, and bitterly. It was directed toward herself.

"Well..." Twilight thought. "You seem to be changing, and to be honest, I want to know why you do act like an ass to everypony. Sorry to be so blunt"

Her words made Trixie laugh a bit. "You know why I'm in school? Why I even am here?"

"Not really, all you talk about is being some show pony, when you are not trying to bring others down..."

She did not say anything for a few moments, causing Twilight to wonder if she would. "I want more then to be a stage show..." She finally said.

"What?" she spoke so softly, that the violet unicorn did not know if she heard it at all.

"I don't want this life. I wanted more... my parents forced this onto me" She took a moment, going into her past. "I grew up always being told 'You must be the best' 'let no pony get in your way' and 'destroy the competition' I couldn't even be friends with my twin brother" She paused for a few moments.

After some time past, she went on. She was obviously thinking about something. "My Brother... he's lucky. He has no real magick, and he's a bit of a day dreamer, so they never bothered with him. Me, well, I was like one of those little fillies whose parents wanted to be some run way super star. But instead of Little Mare Equestria, I was to be a great magician"

She looked over at Twilight, no longer crying but her eyes were red and obviously burning from the streams that had past. "Why am I an ass? Because it's all I was ever taught to be"

"I am sorry Trixie" She responded, with pure words of her heart.

"Ha... Trixie.... That's not even my name, it's just all for the show..." She returned to looking out ahead into the darkness of the night. "Both my parents dreamt that they'd be great magicians, and wanted to be the best. They had too little skill in magick beyond the simplest things. So instead of doing Earth pony trick magic, they decided to do the one thing they could do. Make me. I was their hopes, their dreams, and their last chance at stardom. My name, the real one, is a testament to my fate. 'Spellbound'" She said her true name so bitterly. "I hate that name... so I go by Trixie. It fits me more I think, but moreover, it was one of the few things I was allowed to have. Since it was like a Stage name"

She laughed angrily. "I have no friends, because I made it that way... because they always forced me too... I don't even talk to my brother, unless he is doing their bidding by checking on me" She rolled her head down, tucking it into her folded arms.

The whole thing disturbed Twilight, as it probably would any pony who knew. If they only knew, maybe Trixie could avoid all the bitterness and spite that so many felt toward her. Her actions, were not purely her own. "Why do you still let them do it?"

She was muffled, but Twilight could make it out. "I have no choice. I foaled them into letting me into collage, so I could make something of my life. If they find out, they'll pull the money, and if I make any friends, they'll think I need to quit or 'risk my future'"

The other Unicorn did not know what to do for her. She knew that she had some issues, but not this bad. Trixie was not really the pony she was forced to be, and Twilight had no idea what she could do to help.

Sometime went by, and Trixie looked up again. Maybe wondering if Twilight was still there. "Now you know..." She started to stand. "And know why I cannot accept this party, or friendships, or anything... I won't risk having a real future, or happiness. As nice as it would be to have some pony, I just can't..." She looked a way, softly saying "Thank you..."

She started to trot away, but Twilight grabbed her arm. "No, you cannot just leave" She looked almost angry at the other.

Trixie looked back to her. "You don't know my parents, they have spies" She started to look terrified. "If they find out, then I--"

"They don't have to know" Twilight cut her off.

She stood up, and faced the other. "Keep on pretending to hate me, I will know. I will let the others in too, and then you can have both your future and friends. We'll help you through this. In a year I have learned a lot about the value of having friends and as my mentor told me, 'without friends, life is only half what it could be'"

Trixie studied her. "I... don't know..." She looked down. "It all sounds too good to last.

"We can keep a secret, and when you graduate, you can do it with friends. Then you can come out and tell your parents, without fear, that you do not want to be a magician and whatever else you want"

She thought she was done with it, but Trixie found herself tearing up again. She embraced Twilight, and the two hugged for several moments.

With a weak laugh, Trixie said "I hate you"

Twilight smiled. "You are welcome, my friend"

After their moment, the two parted. Trixie returned to her dorm, and Twilight to the party. The violet mare shared with her closest and most trusted friends, what she learned.

"I knew it!" Pinkie proclaimed. "I had a Twitcha-twitch about her for a while now"

"I'd believe that" Applejack added. "Thank the Queens I didn't bet y'all again"

"So we are all agreed? We are going to take her gruff, and pretend like nothing it new?" Twilight double checked.

They all nodded.

After that night, things seem to stay the same. Trixie acted as she always had, but kept her focus on those in on the plot. She had wanted to tell Blood Rose, being the only one who she had that could be called a friend before, but she worried the sudden change might ruin that.

Her "minions" Snips and Snails, she also eventually let in on the secret too. Though they had come to her as fans, over the time she had them aid her in the shows, and preparations, she grew to trust them. Before that night, she did not notice that she felt that way toward them.

For the first time, she had something good to associate with the anniversary of her birth.

It had been an interesting year for her. She found a new rival, who ended up saving her from destroying the town. Now she was saving her from the fate given to her by her parents. The collage year was nearing the end, and had only a couple years to go. She no longer worried about lasting that long, knowing she truly had some ponies behind her.

Chapter End
Oh my mare, no idea how long I've wanted to post this chapter. The actions in this chapter will set the gears in motion for a major events in Year 2

Thanks to my friend Zero for the name.
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